Who we are
Who we are
Who we are


To add value for our customers and shareholders in our activities of design, development, the manufacturing and trading of chairs and tables, through continuous improvement of quality and competitiveness and partnerships with the stakeholders.


JMS looks into the future in the certainty of its history and tradition. It wants to play a growing role, as a group of international importance in its sector, creating and developing products and trends increasingly capable of meeting the innovation and needs of the customers.

Policy - Values

JMS plays its role of “citizen company”, aware of its responsibilities towards the society. Through its conduct, the company reiterates the principle that the economic objectives are compatible with social and commercial ethics.

Excellence is the main objective that we pursue and for this purpose we identify the following principles:

  • To invest in the creation and development of products and trends directed to the markets where we operate;
  • Involvement of the employees and teamwork with the commitment to the respect of the company’s values;
  • To correspond to the customer’s expectations, exceeding them if possible, through the permanent improvement of the processes and products, aware of the variety of exiting items and the necessary flexibility;
  • To enhance the partnerships with suppliers creating solutions for the improvement of the relationships between the parties;
  • To optimise, control and monitor the performance of the processes, in order to reduce costs and waste, dealing with the existing risks and opportunities;
  • To invest in the internal competences through adequate training of the employees;
  • To maintain a process-driven management model in accordance with the internationals standards and their external recognition through ISO 9001 certification;
  • To ensure that the requirements imposed on us are met, including the legislation applicable to the activity;
  • Use of raw material with registered designation of origin and the external recognition through PEFC certification;
  • To increase the company’s profitability, adding value to the products and services, in order to create wealth and sustainability for the future.

The Management puts at the disposal of the company all its experience and commitment to the application of this policy, both in the present and in the future, and undertakes to define, inform and clarify its employees and other stakeholders about the objectives and strategies, and to supply the necessary resources.